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How to Make Your Product A Big Deal: Lessons from the Apple Watch

appleDue to launch on April 24, Apple’s introductory product in the wearable technology category has received its share of hype. Though the hard numbers have yet to be released, it’s estimated that Americans bought one million Apple Watches in the first six hours on the first day of preorders. Here are a few lessons to learn from the coveted Apple Watch:

1) Make it personal.
Just like a great suit, a great product should be able to be tailored to the different tastes of its target consumers so that they can make it their own. The millennial audience, for example, is intent on being unique and personalization plays to this desire as a form of expression. From a variety of watch editions, to faces, to bands – Apple has made a point to cover all of their bases when it comes to offering customizable design options for the Apple Watch to complement a variety of lifestyles and meet individual aesthetic preferences. The Apple Watch isn’t just for the techie – it’s for the athlete, the businessperson, and the doctor – virtually anyone and everyone. It offers impressive capabilities in a wearable, fashionable,…

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Keepin’ it mobile: Health and fitness apps take over

iphone large

Health care mobile applications are emerging everywhere. We can’t get away from them. Run if you can, but the Nike+ Running app will be tracking how fast and where you go.

Jokes aside, the health mobile app space is becoming more and more crowded. Just this week, more than 13 new health care apps were introduced to sync with the new Apple Watch. Others are introducing new capabilities to sync with Apple’s HealthKit. And more are sure to follow.

So, with the continuous influx of health apps, how are marketers making sure their apps are seen and downloaded? Here are a few quick examples:

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The Booze Bin

My Learnings in Booze PR

I recently got to thinking about my twelve years in public relations – I came from publishing on the editorial side and, perhaps being the daughter of a journalist, this gave me a different perspective. I am by no means a vet of PR, but I’ve had my share of experiences and witnessed a thing or two. With that said, please bear with me as I rehash what I’ve learned in public relations for wine and spirits in the last decade. Perhaps something might rub off…11949896971812381266light_bulb_karl_bartel_01-svg-hi

Everyone SHOULD have an “aha” moment. I like to ask people this question to gauge their love of the industry – and I’m always happy to share mine: I was sitting in on a journalist interview with a terroirist, about a year into my career, when I tasted three different wines: one from Sonoma, Tuscany and St. Emilion. The three wines all had the same grapes, but different percentages and different terroirs. It was an eye-opening experience. How could three wines with the same grapes taste so vastly different? I was amazed at the endless tastes and possibilities and thought, “This is awesome!”

Only you…

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Off & Running: As Candidates Announce Run for the White House, Attack Ads Follow

Democrat Donkey Republican Elephant Mascot Boxing

We’re more than a year and a half away from the 2016 U.S. presidential election, but candidates have already begun making their official declarations to run.

Conservative firebrand, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was the first to announce officially. Kentucky Sen. Paul Rand followed suit and came out swinging against reporters in his first TV interviews. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made it official on Sunday, a surprise to … well, no one.  The only thing that came close to overshadowing Hillary herself was the chatter about her new campaign logo. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio declared on Monday. This election has the potential to be history making with the possibility of Clinton become the country’s first woman president and Rubio becoming the first Hispanic president.

This is only the beginning. Other presidential hopefuls are still weighing their options, waiting in the wings for the right moment to announce or playing coy with the media and the public. According to the New York Times, at least a dozen Republicans and a few Democrats have already expressed an interest in running.…

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H&M “Fake Underground Metal Bands” Accidentally Create an Amazing Publicity Stunt

Heavy metal imagery has been ripped off by pop culture and high fashion for years. The spikes and studs normally associated with this dark and anti-mainstream culture are now adorned on high heels and are found throughout women’s fashion. Even Chris Brown and Kanye have been spotted with sporting some metal fashion. You can even pick up a Judas Priest inspired t-shirt at The Gap (which they are getting sued for) and Urban Outfitters will sell you a “vintage” Megadeth leather jacket for $375.

Taking this a step further, the newest player to this trend has been H&M as they recently released a product line full of fake metal bands utilizing entirely imaginary band names and logos.
In conjunction with the clothing, music, videos, promotional materials and social profiles for all of these fake bands erupted over night. Strong Scene Productions claimed ties to all of H&M’s bands in an effort to help spotlight the new clothing line.

At this point, heads were spinning and the metal blogs were on fire as it appeared H&M was behind the deep guerrilla marketing of these assets…

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