Preparing for a Live TV Interview

If you were watching Good Morning America this morning, you might have seen the inspirational meeting between a bone marrow transplant recipient and his life-saving donor.

PadillaCRT client Be The Match®, the world’s leading nonprofit organization focused on saving lives through bone marrow and cord blood transplantation, brought Dallas resident Justin and New York resident Joe together for the very first time.

In 2012, Justin donated bone marrow to Joe, who was fighting for his life after being diagnosed with lymphoma. After a year of anonymity, and then months of emailing back and forth, they finally met in-person – almost two years after Joe received his transplant.

As if the anticipation of meeting for the first time wasn’t great enough, Justin and Joe were now going to meet on live, national television – how’s that for nerve-wracking?!

But live television interviews don’t have to be panic-inducing. Below are a few tips to help you prepare so you can feel more comfortable and confident in front of the cameras.

Practice what you’re going to say. Although you can’t predict exactly what the reporter will ask, it helps to review your key messages beforehand. There’s no need to memorize anything…

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BuzzLine: Brainstorm or Brain Fog?

BrainstormYou’ve sent out a meeting request, confirmed there’s time left in your budget, organized your notes and ideas and briefed your team. You’ve done all the right things to prepare for an active and productive brainstorming session but the whiteboard remains blank.

We all understand the importance of hosting a dynamic brainstorming session – it helps collect different viewpoints, builds a team mentality, and most importantly gets you out of your own head – but there’s always something holding back those million-dollar ideas.

So how do you open up the creative dam to let the idea river flow? Many people have chimed in to offer their tips on how to deal with dominators, encourage non-contributors, break the awkward silence, generate fresh ideas etc., but we want to hear your ideas because, hey, that’s the point of a brainstorm right?

Tell us in exactly six words your best tactic for organizing the most inspiring brainstorm session to date.

Not to dominate the conversation or anything, but for me, it’s:

-          Play and brainstorm with a puppy

-          Work outside – fresh air and ideas

-          Bring some pizza…everyone loves pizza


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PR Industry Trends

Why Hispanic Marketing Strategy Is Failing and How to Fix It

Flickr user Charlie KaijoIn 1977, U.S.-based Braniff Airways inadvertently told their Spanish-speaking customers to “Fly Naked” in their new marketing campaign. To be fair, in most of Latin America, “Vuela en Cuero” translates to mean “Fly in Leather,” a tagline that Braniff intended to use while promoting its luxurious leather interior. In Mexico, local slang gave the phrase a completely different meaning – “Fly Naked.” This simple gaffe ultimately cost the company a bunch of useless billboards, its dignity and possibly some rogue, naked fliers. (There aren’t any statistics on that last one, though.)

Flash forward to 2014 and marketers across the country are chasing the metaphorical goldmine that is the elusive Hispanic market. And who can blame them? Latino purchasing power has risen to a staggering $1.2 trillion annually, a figure that is only expected to grow in the coming years.

Some companies are afraid of marketing to the Hispanic audience. (PadillaCRT’s Nicole Fischer wrote an awesome Buzz Bin post about this.) But that’s not always the case. Other companies like poor, misguided Braniff (RIP) are launching multi-million dollar campaigns, and many are falling short. But unlike Braniff’s…

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The Booze Bin

Top 3 Reasons Craft Brewers Look East








Four out of the five largest craft brewers are located west of the Mississippi. California and Colorado, in particular, are known for their incredible community of craft brewers, breweries and beer lovers. Some of the biggest names in craft brewing, however, are looking east to keep up with the wildfire growth of the craft beer industry.

Take Chico, California’s Sierra Nevada Brewing and Fort Collins, Colorado’s New Belgium Brewing, for example. The second and third largest U.S. craft brewers by sales, respectively, both top brewers looked to “Beer City USA,” Asheville, North Carolina, as home to their highly anticipated east coast outposts.

First out of the gates, Sierra Nevada is finally breaking ground this fall with brewery tours and a gift shop, followed by their taproom and restaurant later this winter. After a delay from their original launch timing, New Belgium’s Asheville brewery looks to launch next spring.

Most recently, San Diego’s Stone Brewery announced three finalist cities for its east coast operations: Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia, and Columbus, Ohio. As an aside, PadillaCRT has offices in both Virginia cities, and specifically in the…

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The Booze Bin

Fall Into Beer


Fall officially starts next week. It’s time put away the shandys, maibock and hefeweizens until next year. But what will you drink between now and dreadful winter? Fall seasonals. It’s the only way.

Here are five tasty autumn brews that will help you get ready for hibernation mode:

Hard Cider

One hard cider I’m not angry with is Angry Orchard’s Apple Ginger out of Boston. I mean can you really go wrong with the flavors of apple and ginger? Sweet, yet tart this is one hard cider worth trying. Bonus: it’s gluten free.

Lager and Ale

Made by 21st Amendment in San Francisco, He Said is a collaboration between Seattle-based Elysian Brewing. The best part: This box collection includes two cans of He Said Baltic-style Porter and two cans of He Said Belgian-style Tripel, both brewed with pumpkin and spices.

Pumpkin Ale

The great pumpkin craze is in full effect. From pumpkin flavored Oreos and lattes to vodkas and almonds – there’s no stopping pumpkin as the official flavor of all. One pumpkin product worth trying this fall is Elmsford, New York’s Captain Lawrence Brewing Company’s Pumpkin Ale. It’s hoppy, spicy and…

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