6 Easy Ways to Get Local News to Cover Your Story – and Why It’s Important

AnchormanChances are you have some great stories to tell: from patient success stories and new research to helpful information that impacts the lives of people in your community. And, your local news is often an effective channel for furthering awareness of your healthcare organization and getting your stories told.

Generating local news coverage can be fairly easy if you know the best practices. Here are six simple tips to help you get started:

1. Make it Routine. Whenever you are in the early planning stages of an event, make sure media outreach is always a part of your efforts. Think about the people involved – are you working with a patient family or a big community partner? Is the local mayor coming to your event? Your news media want to know about these things, so be sure to tell them!

Calendar2. Use Community News Calendars. Submit informational and fundraising events that are open to the public to local news community calendars. Daily and community newspapers, TV stations (ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX) and entertainment websites generally have community calendars. Try to submit your…

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The Booze Bin

Eat, Drink and Be Merry on the Craft Beer Train (Food Pairing INFOGRAPHIC)

I admit it. As a beer lover, I have hopped on the craft beer train. (Whoot, whoot!) This train is movin’ at lightning speed, and it’s going places we’ve never been before. It’s a pretty exciting time for those of us who appreciate all the goodness of beer, and an even more exciting time for those of us marketers who work with the beverage industry. I saw it with the announcement of Stone Brewing coming to the East Coast…the momentum, the support, the excitement! I mean, this train can go anywhere, right? The industry is bursting with breweries, meet-up groups, clubs, websites, festivals, awards and more…so, what’s the next stop?

signsI’m calling it. Beer and food pairings will be all the rage nationwide. From five-course dinners to seasonal menus to custom created events, beer-food pairings will be popping up in restaurants, bars, breweries and festivals all over the country. Wine pairings have been around forever, so it’s only natural that craft beer follow in those well-tread footsteps. And while I have seen some beer pairing dinners here and there, I think as the concept explodes, the job…

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Internal Communications

10 Tips for Open Enrollment Internal Communications

Throughout the year, but mostly between October and December, employees have the option to change or add to their personal benefits package during open enrollment. (dun dun duunnn).

Toby-The-OfficeMany employees simply tune out communications regarding open enrollment because it doesn’t affect them, but there is always a small population of employees that look to Human Resources (HR) and internal communications for guidance.

Traditionally, HR has taken the lead on open enrollment communications because they know the benefits packages the best. However, an internal communicator needs to play a huge role, if not lead all efforts, to ensure communication is effective and efficient.

Communicating about open enrollment is easier said than done. The topic isn’t sexy and doesn’t typically engage or excite employees.  However, you can always dress something up and make it look better by packaging and presenting it differently.

Without the right communications and guidance, employees can and will be lost in the decision-making process and may be left waiting for their cruise ship at the airport. Here are 10 tips to help you improve your internal communications for open enrollment and lead employees, not lose them.

1. Benefits fair –…

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BuzzLine: PadillaCRT Personality Quiz

After attending the PRSA International Conference and Career Expo last week and answering questions from eager students about how to succeed in getting an interview at PadillaCRT, we thought it was time for a little quiz.

Agency life is all about culture. Working well as a team in brainstorms, meetings and office outings is almost as important when looking at prospective hires as great work experience or stellar recommendations.

To vet potential new employees, 88 Creative, a design and marketing agency in Toronto, created a BuzzFeed quiz to help applicants figure out if they would mesh with the company culture. With questions ranging from your favorite snack to your stance on the iOS vs. Android debate, quiz takers were able to see if their personality would be a good fit for the job.

So here’s what we want to know:

Current employees – what’s your six-word personality-based question to ask potential new hires? For example:

-          How do you define your purpose?

-          What do you enjoy on weekends?

And prospective hires, let’s hear your six-word personality pitch to convince us you’d fit in with the team. For example:

-          My Purpose: Think…

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Wine, Food & Nutrition

Nice Numbers You’ve Got There. (So, what’s in it for me?)

pic 1There was once a time when reader impressions ruled. Get a client’s product on the cover of Prevention magazine and you got carried around on a chair.

As we made the shift from bragging about total impressions, we became pleased with ourselves when we could show a client their Facebook followers increased 230% and—hey, look at this—72 people repinned this photo!

The client nods. Then asks the money question: Considering the hefty investment we’ve made in social media, can you show me how all this expensive activity affects my sales?

Good question and one we can be prepared to answer.

Oh, we could get into agent-based modeling and show how ‘persuaders’ affect penultimate decision making. But then, does our client really want to discuss quantitative research? No.

pic 2Let’s get down to it. We are expert surrogates for our clients who trust our knowledge, experience and even our intuition to lead the way. Ten years ago we told them this social media thing is big and it’s time to pounce; they trusted us. Ever since, we’ve developed ‘conversations’ and posted and tweeted and virtually partied…

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