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7 Tips for the Perfect Byline

pen-paperAs online media and traditional journalism roles continue to evolve, the byline has emerged as one of the most effective ways to share a company’s message – particularly in the B2B technology sphere. Technology writers are inundated with pitches every day, and their newsrooms are often understaffed. Rather than spending extra time pitching, following up, arranging interviews and writing media briefs – only to end up at the bottom of their never-ending pile of story ideas – take the bull by the horns! Pitch and write a byline.

Here are seven tips to ensure your byline makes the top of the homepage.

  • Pick the right outlet – Where are your client’s potential customers trolling for new ideas? That’s where you should be writing. Look at your client’s customer personas and step into their shoes. Research where they are they going on the web, and what are they reading. Develop a list of potential outlets.
  • Ask for their guidelines – Most online pubs have a set of guidelines to which your byline must adhere: length, content, headshot, bio etc. Sticking to these guidelines carefully is the first step to success.
  • Choose a noteworthy topic…
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    Digital Marketing

    3 Content Killers to Avoid

    At some point it happens to everyone. You’re developing content and more content and it hits you – is anyone even listening? Constantly developing new content can sometimes feel as if you’re running in circles. Don’t let your content collapse from exhaustion! Instead plan and develop content that stands out and keeps your audience interested by avoiding these three content killing approaches:

    Strategerization. Strategies don’t have to happen in sequence. If you go through objectives, messages, audiences, strategies and tactics in that order, you will have sucked up all the fun. 

    We’re told: don’t come up with a Twitter strategy, develop an overall content strategy!  But sometimes it’s okay to start with channels – they’re a necessary vantage point because they show you what’s workable. They can be your inspiration.  Look outside your brand and your message. See what consumers are seeing. You may land on a question like: wait, are they even on Twitter? That’s great. Now you’re asking the questions you need answered, and you can sort those out from generic profiling or catch-all research.

    You don’t know what you need to learn about your audience until you start working with a…

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    The Right Way to Write About Technology

    Business-to-Business (B2B) technology is everywhere, and often companies are working hardest on software that we may never see. Even when you can’t see this technology, it’s affecting you—hopefully for the better.

    b2bFor example, B2B technology may be helping your primary care physician understand the treatment you received while in the hospital through a health information exchange (HIE), or getting a customer service representative to resolve the issue you wrote about on Facebook through customer relationship management (CRM) software. These types of technology impact us daily, and provide needed business services in growing industries. For the public relations professional, that means new opportunities and projects.

    The challenge is, how do you share their message with an audience who may not even know about, much less understand, their offerings? That’s where your writing expertise can play a crucial role. It’s all about finding a happy medium between too-technical jargon and fluffy nonsense.

    dilbert cropped 1


    My first encounter with writing about technology came the day I churned out a newspaper article on iPods in the classroom, and my editor asked…

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    5 Tips to Ensure Digital Marketing Success in 2014

    ClickZ-Live-Logo-NewIn early April I had a great experience at the ClickZ Live Digital Marketing Conference in New York. During the three-day event I was bombarded with glorious amounts of information, stats, “aha” moments, head scratchers and confirmation that what I’ve been reading hasn’t been a bunch of malarkey. It’s impossible to synthesize all the information I ingested into one blog post, but I hope this synopsis provides some high-level insight into and provokes thought about how brands and marketers currently utilize the digital environment.

    The State of Digital Marketing

    zettabyteThere is no magic marketing bullet: I’ve spoken about integrated marketing in past posts, but this conference really confirmed that success in the online world will rely on a multitude of tactics, strategies, devices and channels to ensure that marketers reach their target audience. In a landscape where 2.7 zettabytes of digital data exists, campaigns that solely focus on paid, earned or owned media will easily get lost in the noise created by this continual and exponential growth of digital data.

    Ensuring Digital Success in 2014

    To cut through those zettabytes of digital noise, great content needs…

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    BuzzLine: Fly Little Peep!

    Finally, spring has sprung.

    peepsI know this because the sun is shining, it feels great here in RVA and Peeps have made their annual migration to the candy aisle.

    The Easter-time favorite, however, is about to make a push for year-round relevance.

    According to BusinessWeek, Peeps’ manufacturer Just Born will launch Peeps Minis on May 1. The “bite-sized, flavored version of the old-time candy” will come in three flavors: strawberry crème, chocolate crème and sour watermelon.

    This week on the BuzzLine, let’s see if we can help the little Peeps take flight – with some six-word taglines, of course!

    Maybe… Peeps Minis:

    • A sweet treat for peeps everywhere.
    • Any time is the right time.
    • Tweet Tweet! We all love Peeps!

    I know you can do better than that… Here are the rules.

    Put your suggested SIX-WORD (no more, no less) tagline in the comments below. If we like yours best, you’ll win a Starbucks gift card for a treat of your choosing. Marshmallows optional.

    We’ll announce a winner next week. And congrats to last week’s winner, Lauren Smith!

    Now, Peep it up.

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