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Finding the Starting Line as a PadillaCRT Intern

media relationsMinnesota winters, drinking coconut Boba Tea, Dungeons and Dragons, anything potato… Just naming a few of my love-hate relationships. Hello, my name is Alayna Xiong and I am a summer intern here at PadillaCRT in the Minneapolis location. I recently graduated from high school and will attend Saint Catherine University in the Twin Cities this fall. While I am still navigating my future career path, I will likely major in English and/or Business.

I was given this incredible internship through a non-profit organization called The BrandLab. The BrandLab is a program founded here in the Greater Twin Cities that provides diverse high school students who are interested in business and marketing the opportunity to learn and get hands on experience. The organization’s hope is to bring diversity into the world of business while at the same time guiding students as they grow into young adults.

Programs like BrandLab are vital to the community because they provide real-life experience at a young age. Not only are we getting an unforgettable experience, but for many of us, this is our first experience networking. It takes a lot to get into the doors of…

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The Booze Bin

Top 3 reasons you drink what you drink

Everything has trends – whether you’re talking fashion, diet or, my favorite, drink. We have
all seen the various cocktail trends through the years: Sugary drinks in the 1980s,  Cosmos in the 1990s, Prohibition throwbacks in 2000s, classics in the 2010s.  But what dictates what’s in your glass? Here are three reasons why you’re drinking what you’re drinking…

Europe: As with fashion, Europeans are really the trendsetters in the world. Yes, America has its cool points, but we turn to our friends in Paris, London, Berlin and other chic cities to see what’s coming down the pipeline. Gin is a perfect example. Gin Bars are taking Europe by storm, especially in Spain, where it’s about the aromas and tonics (like Fever Tree). While this is a pretty simple concept, it’s revolutionary as this allows the consumer to play with his or her senses and have an experience, not just a cocktail. American mixologists know gin is where it’s at, but U.S. consumers are a bit slow to get on the bandwagon. They’ll get there eventually, so mark my written word: this time next year, everyone will be drinking gin. The caveat to this? While Europeans might be setting the…

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How NOT to Get Lost In A Sea of Acronyms

Cartoonstock.comThere are nearly 100,000 trade associations operating in the U.S. today (per NPR), and in a marketplace as crowded as this one, it’s all too easy for your organization’s true purpose to get lost in a sea of acronyms. But groups like the American Physical Therapy Association, National Association of Broadcasters and National Restaurant Association prove how associations can use the principles of branding to bolster their relevance, nurture their relationships with members and other stakeholders, and reconnect with their central purpose.

Here are a few anecdotes:

Know Your Audience, Inside and Out

Before you can strengthen your association’s image, you must explore the issues and trends impacting your members, how those factors influence their perceptions and behaviors, and how they influence the perceptions and behaviors of their stakeholders. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) set a good example of this when it engaged PadillaCRT in the development of its “Move Forward” campaign.

Research among consumers, physicians, health care professionals, insurers and APTA members revealed that while physical therapists were viewed very positively, consumers had a narrow definition of their capabilities and were more likely to access a physical…

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Digital Marketing

4 Reasons Why Email Campaigns Fail

In past posts I’ve covered why email marketing should be a part of a digital strategy and communications plan. The data driven nature and impressive ROI makes it a go-to tactic but it’s easy to do email marketing wrong. Here are a few common pitfalls we’ve seen over the years.

1. The “send to” list isn’t solid

listThe core to email marketing is your list. If this component isn’t solid then the likelihood of having high open rates and decent click through in your campaigns is unlikely. Ideally, lists should be created “naturally” as the user should opt-in to your email communications. I would avoid purchasing lists as sending to those lists could be viewed as spam and in general are poor quality.

2. Data isn’t used to its fullest potential

data-iconEmail marketing has one of the highest ROIs compared to other digital marketing tactics. The reason why email ranks so high is that it is data driven. If you aren’t monitoring open rates, click through rates, subject lines, clicks, etc., you’ve pretty much missed the point of email marketing. From the data gathered, strong email marketers will modify, evolve and segment users/lists based around the data and patterns observed.
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BuzzLine: Sharks in the Media – Time for Change?

sharkWhat do you get when you add a splash of mystery, a good hook, and a tear-able villain that never sleeps? One of the longest running television events in history.

Unless you’ve been living in a bubble, you’ve either seen or heard about Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. It’s a full seven days dedicated to fueling American’s fascination of everything shark-related. The 27-year-old program delivers shows ranging from fiction “documentaries” to real-life footage of shark encounters and attracts a variety of people from curious children to thrill-seeking adults.

Shark Week isn’t the only event obsessing over our fish friends though. Recently “Sharknado 2: The Second One” aired on television and audiences around the globe watched as the U.S. experienced a fictional tornado filled with ravenous human-devouring sharks.

But why are we so consumed by these shark-themed programs? Is it the real-life threat lurking near our beaches, or the mystery of a species that has been characterized as a villain since the days of “Jaws”? Whatever it is, we love it and don’t want it to stop – but maybe it’s time for an update.

In lieu of Shark…

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