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Beauty Marketing and Today’s Trends

The perception of the public relations sector is often glamorous. Those of us in the industry know the truth: well, yea, sometimes it is! And what’s more glamorous than working in beauty marketing? The free product alone…Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 10.22.55 PM

Putting the fun beauty tools aside for a minute, this is a market that only continues to grow, and something our team here at PadillaCRT immerses ourselves in on a daily basis.

Just last year, Global Cosmetic Industry predicted that the U.S. beauty sector would be worth $90 billion by 2020. Even more impressive: that number would represent a nearly 45% gain in just 10 years.

Though, with all this growth, comes major transformations within the category. Why should beauty brands pay attention? Consumers have become accustomed to (and in some cases expect) the rapid pace with which beauty evolves. If brands can’t get on board quickly, they may miss the boat completely.

With that in mind, I asked the team to make some observations about changes or challenges in the beauty industry. Below you’ll find some occurrences we’re observing in 2017, from both a brand and third-party media perspective.


Consumer Marketing

Sponsored Content: The way to a Consumer’s Eyeballs

Sponsored-Content-297x300It’s no secret that social media and websites like BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post and Mashable have changed the way we consume news. Sites like these initially honed in on millennials and the way we consume content to provide concise, digestible digital content catered to our short attention spans. (Of course, now everyone else has jumped on the bandwagon, considering Boomers spend at least 20 hours more per week consuming online content than Millennials and Gen-Xers, but I digress…)

This week, NBC News decided to throw its hat into the ring with the launch of Better, a wellness vertical devoted to helping readers improve their lives. The outlet hopes to stand out from other wellness publications by focusing not only on health and wellness, but taking a holistic approach on how to better oneself.

While NBC News is known for its hard news content, this is actually the outlet’s second unveiling of a completely revamped strategy highlighting a specific, topic-based approach – hoping to land itself somewhere in between Mashable and Vox. Its science and tech site, Mach, launched in November, and NBC plans to launch Think, a vertical…

Higher Education

Is the Student-Loan Market the Next Housing Bubble?

College debt has long been considered a crisis for students, many of whom feel like they have widening holes in their pockets. Now, some Wall Street analysts predict that the $1.4 trillion student-loan market is forming a bubble that’s about to burst, and skeptics (those with short positions) will profit all the way down.

FlowPoint Capital’s Charles Trafton calls it “the Credit: The Big Shortcollege bubble” in the New York Times. And, if he’s right, it’ll be The Big Short all over again.

Why should schools care? Because financial stress on students can lead to poor academic performance or, worse, increased dropout rates that impact rankings and brand. Unpaid bills on defaulted loans are another risk. Plus, admissions could be impacted if schools fail to communicate strong financial support and education for their students.

At the end of the day, a “college bubble” burst is bad news for everyone except the bears on Wall Street.

A potential crash will have unpredictable outcomes for schools. Here are some questions college marketers should be asking:

  • Do we have an updated crisis plan should this “bubble” impact our students, school or partner organizations? Have

Crisis Management

Three Important Crisis Management Trends for Executive Teams & Companies in 2017

MZtBtdjYHcqWr4RZpU9USmThe new year brings with it the potential for new issues to arise for companies and organizations of all sizes. Crisis and critical issues can come very quickly, and it is imperative CEOs and leadership teams understand the evolving issues and vulnerabilities of their organizations.

It is important that communicators be prepared. We think there are three points to be made about crisis management trends that are worth discussing and incorporating into a crisis preparedness program this year.

1.  Social Media Trends and Live Streaming Capabilities: What you thought was a private, internal critical issue can become public and distributed to thousands of people in only minutes on social media. CEOs and leadership teams need to understand the power of social media, and develop a strategy to quickly and effectively handle a negative situation. Social media remains a central hub of breaking news and can develop into a crisis scenario quickly. Live streaming on Facebook and other social media platforms will continue in 2017, and organizations should be prepared with messaging and response tools in case a crisis hits. With social media, time matters… smart and fast wins the day.

2. Cybersecurity and

PR Industry Trends

Free Music for All


Well not exactly. The Grammy Awards offered a night of incredible entertainment and Spotify will deliver plenty of gratis tunes, but the days of Napster and Limewire filling up our growing iPod space are long gone. As the music industry has navigated the digital age, copyright infringement continues to be a top target for artist protection.

Remember when MySpace was the social network for independent and emerging bands? Now Facebook is making a push for a global music license. They want to dominate video content, which can often come with copyright pitfalls. Constant policing and battling users can be mitigated to a large extent by coming to an agreement with the music industry as Apple and Spotify have. The negotiations are complicated, but what I would love to see is a streamlined process for music licensing in user generated video. It would be a smart move by Facebook to offer new opportunities for users and secure relevancy with the rise of social video. As a marketer, it would be great to have a simple way to license rather than dealing with multiple copyright holders.

This year,…